Vojtěch is a managing director of the Center for Behavioral Experiments (CEBEX) – a Prague based experimental laboratory organizing Prague Conference on Behavioral Sciences and CEBEX Summer School.

With a graduate background in economics and media studies, he started Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology with an intention to connect economics, psychology, and evolutionary biology to provide a broader view on human decision-making. In short, Vojtěch believes that errors in decision-making (cognitive biases) have evolved as an ecological adaptation to the environment in which human lived for millions of years and served as an ultimate tool for survival of mankind. Within his research on the evolution of overconfidence, he cooperates with Chapman University (USA).

Areas of Interest:

  • Evolutionary Approach to Decision-making
  • Evidence-based Public Policy
  • Evidence-based Management

Current Affiliations:

  • ÚZIS, Ministerstvo zdravotnictví ČR
  • GŘHS, Ministerstvo vnitra ČR
  • Chapman University
  • CEVRO Institute College
  • Univerzita Jana Evangelisty Purkyně
  • Vysoká škola ekonomická
  • University of New York in Prague